Hatch Green Cottage

I was asked to reconsider a planning permission that had lapsed – the cost had been too high and the upstairs did not have the height for the bathroom and bedrooms shown in plan.

A small, dark, brick-built bungalow with narrow corridors has been remodelled inside and out, extended lengthways and upwards to create a large family house with spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, a large sitting room, generous hall, kitchen and conservatory.



Thank you, Nick, for your imaginative and sympathetic design for our extension – though rather not so much extension as transformation!
The living space we now have is far beyond what we anticipated and is a pleasure to inhabit. We appreciate how sympathetically you worked with what we already had to provide us with a lovely home entirely in keeping with our locality and with everything in just the right proportions.
We also hope you will forgive us for falling short of your vision in some areas; for instance, where we chickened out of doing your lovely airy landing in favour of clawing back more bedroom space (though we are likely to revert to your original design at some stage).
We are very happy clients of yours and wish to offer this sincere endorsement of your trusted draughtsmanship.
Best wishes,
Rod and Karon